How Much are your Donuts?

We Sell Our Donuts in the following Packs - 1 for $6 | 4 for $22 | 6 for $30 | 12 for $59

How long do your Donuts Last?

Our Donuts are freshly made on the morning of your purchase. They are best enjoyed on the day. Please don't keep them until next week, next month or even the next day as they are preservative free and some may contain fresh cream.

Do you Wholesale?

We aren't currently accepting wholesale orders. But you can still give it a shot.

Do you have Gluten Free or Vegan Options?

Our Recipe is very Unique and sadly our donuts wouldn't be the same if we had to remove the gluten, eggs or dairy from them. We may consider these options in the future!

Help! I Am Allergic to XYZ, are your Donuts safe for me?

Our Donuts contain Eggs, Dairy and Gluten. They are free from Soy and Seeds. Sometimes we will have flavours with nuts in the filling or use nuts as toppings. Cooked in High Oleic Sunflower Oil. Just check with our staff first if you aren't sure.

Can We place a Custom Order?

You Sure can! Check out our Order Page on the Menu Above. You are welcome to place an order with us for collection from our Shop from Thursday - Sunday. We also deliver to areas nearby to our store. If you would like to order more than 200 donuts, please drop us an email.

What Flavours are Available?

Our Flavours are posted on Instagram, Facebook, and on the front page of our website. They rotate Fortnightly. Don't worry if you haven't seen your favorite for awhile, it will be back! If you are really missing a flavour, send us a message and we will try to add it into the rotation.

Can you Deliver?

Yes. Our Delivery fee starts from $10 for West Auckland upto $25 for areas further from our store. For orders over 100 donuts delivery is included. Our Donuts are highly perishable so delivery outside of Auckland is difficult unless you are able to arrange a same day courier.

Can you make a Donut shaped like a Dinosaur?

No. Sorry. Our Donuts are all Round. We don't do donut holes or donuts with holes. Our Donuts are based on an Italian Bombolini which come with lots of filling inside.

Some of your Donuts are lovely colours, how come?

ALL of our Donuts and fillings are naturally coloured by the foods used in them. Our recipe is unique and entirely our own, our donuts are traditionally made without any kind of added nasties.


We do not work with any kind of added colours, added Preservatives, Fake Flavorings, Dough Softeners, Dough Conditioners, or anything nasty for that matter. If you have a colour theme in mind, we can attempt to make custom coloured decorations using Fresh As food powders or edible flowers from The Secret Garden etc.



44 Henderson Valley Rd, Henderson


Thurs - Fri 8am to 3pm

Sat - Sun 9am to 4pm

(Unless Sold out Prior!)





Tel: 0220 900 658



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