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How Much are your Donuts?

We Sell Our Donuts in the following Packs in store - Online or Delivery Orders will Incur an additional Transaction Fee. The Below Pricing applies only to instore purchases

1 for $8 | 4 for $30 | 6 for $45 | 8 for $60 | 12 for $90

How long do your Donuts Last?

Our Donuts are freshly made on the morning of your purchase. They are best enjoyed on the day. Please don't keep them until next week, next month or even the next day as they are preservative free and some may contain fresh cream.

Do you Wholesale?

Please email us your enquiry at

I Am Allergic to XYZ, are your Donuts safe for me?

Our Normal Donuts contain Eggs, Dairy, Gluten, Soy and Seeds. Sometimes we will have flavours with nuts in the filling or use nuts as toppings. Cooked in High Oleic Sunflower Oil. Just check with our staff first if you aren't sure.

Can We place a Custom Order?

You Sure can! Check out our Order Page Above. We offer pickup from any of our stores, we also deliver to most areas around Auckland. If you would like to order more than 100 donuts, please drop us an email.

What Flavours are Available?

Our flavours are posted on the front page of our website. They rotate weekly. Don't worry if you haven't seen your favorite for awhile, it will be back! If you are really missing a flavour, send us a message and we will try to add it into the rotation.

Can you Deliver?

Yes. Our Delivery fee is a flat fee of $13.5 for all areas that we cover. Our Donuts are highly perishable so delivery outside of Auckland is difficult unless you are able to arrange a same day courier.

Help! I am Struggling with your Ordering System

Our Online Ordering system is best viewed on your PC or Mac. It will also usually work on very new Smartphones. If you are struggling, don't break the keyboard, just send us an email with atleast 24hrs notice and we will process your order manually. Email us at

Some of your Donuts are lovely colours, hows that?

ALL of our donuts and fillings are naturally coloured by the foods used in them. Our recipe is unique and entirely our own, our donuts are traditionally made without any kind of added nasties.

We do not work with any kind of added colours, added Preservatives, Fake Flavorings, Dough Softeners, Dough Conditioners, or any of those unnecessary additives.

Can you make a Donuts in other shapes?

No. Sorry. Our donuts are all round. We don't do donut holes or donuts with holes. Our Donuts are based on an Italian Bombolone which are always round and come with lots of filling inside.

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